Imperial Pre-Shave Oil

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A great pre-shave oil for the pre-shave step is crucial for your shave of the day. The pre-shave step prepares your skin to accept your shave soap or shave cream. Good preparation also helps to stop razor bumps, skin irritation, and razor rash. 

Pre-Shave Step

Many men rush to get ready for work. Their shaving routine consists of dragging a razor across their face and calling it "done". This rush to get ready sets the tone for the day. The pre-shave step not only is crucial for an excellent shave, but also help you prepare for the day. Slow down. Enjoy the routine.

Shaving is traumatic to your skin. Shaving not only cuts the hairs, but also causes micro abbrasions in your skin. This can result in razor bumps and razor burn. 

Our pre-shave oils are developed with this critical step in mind. With a mix of highly absorbent oils, our pre-shave oils open your pores, and adds additional cushion for your daily shave routine.

About our Pre-Shave Oil

Our Imperial Pre-Shave Oil is poured in small batches outside of Houston, Texas. Made with the highest quality ingredients, its an all-natural alternative to commercial products for shaving.

Lightly scented with a blend of cedarwood, patchouli and amber natural oils, our Imperial Pre-Shave Oil scent is earthy, spicy, musky, and sensuous with vanilla undertones.  It not only smells great, but is great for the skin too.

How to Use

For your great shave of the day, simply apply a quarter-sized amount to your palm. Rub your palms together and apply to your clean face, neck or head prior to shaving for an added layer of moisture, protection, and lubrication.  Apply your choice of shave soap or cream and enjoy a comfortable, close shave and softer skin.


Each 2 ounce bottle contains castor oil, hemp seed oil, rice bran oil, Abyssinian oil, macadamia nut oil, vitamin E, patchouli, cedarwood, and amber natural oils.

Imperial Pre-Shave Oil is an all natural product hand crafted in small batches in Texas.