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imperial handmade shampoo bar for hair, face and body
imperial handmade shampoo bar for hair, face and body
Hair, Face & Body Shampoo Bar
Hair, Face & Body Shampoo Bar
Hair, Face & Body Shampoo Bar

Hair, Face & Body Shampoo Bar

Our Hair, Face and Body Shampoo Bar can be used to shampoo your hair, and cleanse your face and body. It is the only soap you need in the shower whether it is at home or on the go. Unlike just a body soap, it doesn't leave your hair clumpy like a standard body soap does. To make it even better - its all natural.

Imperial Scent

Loaded with skin-loving oils and butters, plus the swoon-worthy scents of cedarwood, patchouli, and amber natural oils, this bar is a favorite of those who love musky scents. 

Journeyman Scent

For the guys who like woodsy scents, the Journeyman Shampoo Bar is for you. It is loaded with the fresh scents of cedarwood, lavender, tea tree, rosemary and key lime essential oils.

How we make our soap  

Before everything was "new and improved," there was "tried and true." Our soaps are based on recipes that great-grandmother used for decades and people clamor for today. Unlike great-grandmother's informal recipes that varied from batch to batch, we employ standardized processes to evolve her recipes and ensure consistency in each batch. Every bar of soap is poured in small batches in our shop in Texas. After cutting and curing for a minimum of four weeks, we test every batch and then package it for you. Using the highest quality ingredients, we continue to provide traditional craftsmanship in a modern, fast-paced world.

About our soap  

Our Hair, Face & Body Shampoo Bar is the only soap needed for the man on the go. Its perfect for the man showering at the gym after a workout, after work at their "dirty job," or just to get ready for a night out. With a great lather and awesome scent, it will quickly become your go-to bar for your daily routine.

Using a single bar of soap for your routine not only saves space in the shower, but saves time as well. After all, the Indy 500 was won by less than 4 seconds. What difference could minutes make for you?


Each bar contains distilled water, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sustainable palm oil, sodium hydroxide, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, natural essential oil blend, and natural colorant.

Each bar is approximately 4 ½ oz. by weight.  All of our soaps are handmade in small batches and your Hair, Face & Body Shampoo Bar may differ slightly from the photo.