imperial beard oil with patchoulli and cedarwood
imperial beard oil with patchoulli and cedarwood
imperial beard oil with patchoulli and cedarwood

Imperial Beard Oil

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Keep your beard looking and smelling its best with our Imperial Beard Oil in our most popular scent. Earthy, spicy and musky, Imperial Beard Oil is great for day to day use or a night on the town.

Your facial hair is not the same as the hair on your head and must be cared for differently. Facial hair actually wicks moisture away from your skin and the result is dry, itchy skin and a somewhat out-of-control beard. Don’t fear the beard – we’ve got you covered.

Our natural Beard Oil contains a blend of quick absorbing base oils, as well as beneficial essential oils to not only keep the beard under control, but more importantly to care for the skin under your beard.

About Our Beard Oil

Our Imperial Beard Oil is poured in small batches outside of Houston, Texas. Made with the highest quality ingredients, its an all-natural alternative to commercial products for the beard.

With a blend of cedarwood, patchouli and amber natural oils, our Imperial Beard Oil scent is earthy, spicy, musky, and sensuous with vanilla undertones.   

How to Use

As part of your daily routine, use the included dropper to dispense 4-6 drops of beard oil into your palm. Spread the oil on both hands and between your fingers, including your fingertips. Massage the oil into the skin under your beard drawing your fingers out through the hair.  If applied after a shower or using our Beard Wash, towel dry the beard first before applying the beard balm.

Style your beard to your liking and get out there and impress the world with your great looking beard.


Each 1 oz. bottle contains avocado oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, chia oil, patchouli cedarwood natural oil, botanical blend and amber natural oil. Comes with a dropper for easy application. Our Imperial Beard Oil is all-natural.