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Whiskey Barrel Beer Flight
Whiskey Barrel Beer Flight

Whiskey Barrel Beer Flight

Show off your love of beer with a beer flight tray made from old whiskey barrel staves. It is a great way to sample all of your favorite beers or even try something new! Set up your beers from lightest to darkest and taste your way through a rainbow of delight! Works great with craft beers as well as watery crap beers.

Available in either a 4-glass flight or a 5-glass flight complete with a set of 5-ounce beer sampling glasses. Each flight is finished with a coat of sealant and each recess is lined with buffalo leather.

The rustic features of a recycled whiskey barrel stave make a great compliment to a man cave, bar, or even your outside patio.

This is a great gift for your favorite guy or beer-loving gal! Perfect for birthdays, Father's Day, or just for a sport-watching weekend. Don't forget to get enough for your guests too!

Made in Texas from local distillery barrels that were used for aging their whiskeys.