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hair pomade with clay for medium hold
all natural hair pomade with clay for medium hold
all natural hair pomade with clay for medium hold
all natural hair pomade with clay for medium hold

Clay Pomade

Our clay men's hair style pomade is perfect if you are looking for a quality, natural product to give you some texture for that "undone" look. It leaves your hair styling looking and smelling great.  

Hair gels tend to dry stiff, leaving your hair looking plastic and feeling brittle. We created our pomade with this in mind. Our clay pomade styles your hair and still lets your special someone run their fingers through it.

About Our Clay Pomade

Our Clay Pomade is made in small batches outside of Houston, Texas. Made with the highest quality ingredients, its an all-natural alternative to commercial products. Lightly scented with our Imperial scent, created with a blend of cedarwood, patchouli and amber natural oils leaves your hair smelling earthy, spicy, musky, and sensuous with vanilla undertones. The light scent will not interfere with your choice of aftershave or cologne.  

Our Clay Pomade is made with natural ingredients, and lightly scented with our best-selling Imperial blend. Derived from volcanic ash, the texture of the included bentonite clay is smooth and spreads easily. Hazelnut oil, shea butter, and glycerin are added to condition the hair and scalp without leaving you feeling or looking greasy. This flake-free pomade leaves a workable matte finish with an all-day medium hold to compliment your hairstyle, add thickness and texture, and tame even the most unruly, wild-man hair.  

How to Use

During your morning routine, rub a pea-sized amount between palms to warm the pomade. Warming the pomade softens it for easier application and flow. Apply evenly to damp hair for a wet look, or to dry hair for a natural finish.  Shampoos easily out of your hair.


Each 2 oz. tin contains beeswax, hazelnut oil, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, shea butter, glycerin, and patchouli, cedarwood, and amber essential oils. Our Clay Pomade is an all natural product.