Imperial Aloe Vera Aftershave
Imperial Aloe Vera Aftershave
Imperial Aloe Vera Aftershave
Imperial Aloe Vera Aftershave

Imperial Aloe Vera Aftershave

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A great aftershave is crucial to address the trauma you inflict on your skin by dragging a razor across your face. While a razor leaves a nice freshly shaved face, it also opens your pores and leaves your skin vulnerable to bacteria or ingrown hairs. This is why you get those razor bumps. A great aftershave lessens the dangers of skin irritation.

Our Aloe Vera aftershave is a lightweight lotion that absorbs quickly without feeling sticky or greasy.  The ingredients read like a what’s-what of soothing awesomeness.  Subtlety is key, which is why we’ve added aloe vera, jojoba oil, vitamin E, allantoin, and a blend of all-natural essential oils. It leaves your skin soft, silky, and sting-free.   

Imperial Scent

With a blend of cedarwood, patchouli, and amber natural oils, our Imperial scent is earthy, spicy, musky, and sensuous with vanilla undertones.  The Imperial scent is our most popular and requested scent.

earthy, spicy, musky, and sensuous with vanilla undertones

cedarwood, and patchouli essential oils

OurAloe Veraaftershave will re-hydrate your skin, reduce razor bumps, keep the bacteria at bay, and provide soft, smooth, healthy skin by closing those pores.  With our alcohol-free formula, you get all the benefits of a great aftershave without the sting associated with commercial alcohol-based brands. When you care for your face, it will appreciate the attention and, better yet, show it. 

Our Aloe Vera Aftershave is alcohol-free.

After shaving and rinsing your face, dispense one pump into your palm. Rub your palms together and rub the aftershave into the freshly shaved areas and neck. It absorbs quickly leaving you feeling cool and fresh. It’s an essential step for a great shave.

Each 4 oz. bottle of Imperial Aloe Vera Aftershave contains aloe vera liquid, witch hazel, jojoba oil, distilled water, emulsifying wax, vitamin E, cedarwood, patchouli, and amber essential oils, Germall Plus, sodium lactate, and allantoin.