5 Great Reasons to Ditch Your Bottle and Use a Shampoo Bar

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If you're like me, you might be a bit wary of trying shampoo bars. I mean, how could something that feels like a bar of soap be good for your hair? But then again, when have we ever been afraid to try new things? And trust me when I say that these products are worth a shot.

When we started making shampoo bars, I was wary. Today, this is the only product that I need in the shower and I take it everywhere now. And, since our shampoo bars are actually a soap, I can use it for my whole body. Besides being easy to use and travel with, there are other benefits that you may not have known about shampoo bars. Here are five ways they can make your life easier (and more environmentally friendly).

It's an easy way to travel light

One of the best benefits of a shampoo bar is that it's super light, compact and easy to travel with. Unlike liquid shampoos, which are usually filled in bottles or jars and can be bulky if you need to travel with them, shampoo bars are solid lumps of soap. They're about the size and weight of a bar of body wash or a large bar of soap (or smaller).

You can take your shampoo bar on an airplane, train or boat with no problem, as well as on any hike where packing space is tight. Whether you're going on vacation or staying at a hotel for work, having a lightweight item like this makes life so much easier!

If you use bar shampoo, people will be impressed with you

The first and most obvious benefit is that bar shampoos are great conversation starters. When people see you using a bar shampoo, they will be impressed by your ability to go against the grain and do things differently. They may be inspired to try it themselves, or at least ask questions about what you do with it! You'll be able to talk about how environmentally friendly you are as well as how much money you save on travel—it's win-win!

It's a more environmentally friendly choice

We’ve all seen the photos of the plastic waste in our oceans. The pollution that comes from plastic bottles and other packaging needs to stop. Switching from liquid shampoo to a solid bar means you won't be adding any more trash to our fragile environment, which is a simple way we can all make a difference.

No more worrying about how much shampoo you're using—no need for plastic shampoo bottles, pumps or caps!

Shampoo bars pack a punch in terms of effectiveness

For the same amount of product, you’ll be getting a more concentrated shampoo. This means that your hair is going to get the same (or better) results with less product than you would normally use with liquid shampoo. It also means that if you have oily hair and need to wash it every day, but don’t want to use a harsh chemical-laden product every day, this type of bar can be a great option for you!

Bar shampoos are versatile!

A bar shampoo is versatile! You can use it in the shower, bath, even as a body wash. The best part? There's no need to carry around two different bottles—you've got everything you need right there in one handy bar. And if you're looking for something that will perform as well as lather up like an old-fashioned liquid shampoo or conditioner, look no further than our line of shampoo bars.

Moving from plastic bottles to bars also reduces waste by reducing packaging size by 85 percent.

If you like solid products, there's no reason not to give shampoo bars a try

Shampoo bars are a great option for those who prefer to use solid products. They are easy to travel with and more environmentally friendly than traditional shampoos. Shampoo bars also allow you to try out different bar soaps that you might not normally purchase, which can help expand your product repertoire and make it easier to switch things up when you get bored or run out of one particular item.


We hope you'll give bar shampoo a try! We think you'll be surprised by how effective it is and how easy it is to use. Buy yours online now.

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