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Skin and Hair Gear

Treat your skin and hair like it deserves with all natural cleansing. Leave harmful chemicals where they belong - away from your skin.

All-In-One Hair, Face & Body Shampoo Bar


This all-in-one bar soap can be used to shampoo your hair, and cleanse your face and body. It is the only soap you need in the shower whether it is at...

Traditional Wet Shave Soap


Whether you prefer a traditional wet shave with a safety razor, use a disposable multi-blade razor that vibrates and has a moisture strip, or you’re somewhere in between, our Traditional...

Aloe Vera Aftershave


A great aftershave is crucial to address the trauma you inflict on your skin by dragging a razor across your face. While a razor leaves a nice freshly shaved face,...

All-Natural Pre-Shave Oil


Great pre-shave oil for the pre-shave step is crucial for your shave of the day. The pre-shave step prepares your skin to accept your shave soap or shave cream. Good...

Shea Butter Hand & Body Lotion


Our Shea Butter Hand & Body Lotion will leave your skin feeling great with no greasy residue. Whether you’re out in the sun, hitting the slopes or, heck, just running...