Why Every Beard Needs Beard Oil

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What do a rugged outdoorsman from the Alaskan hinterlands, a quinoa obsessed independent filmmaker from UC Berkley and Colorado Rockies star centerfielder Charlie Blackmon have in common?

Probably not much, outside of the fact that they have recognized that it’s 2021 and beards are definitely in style.

man getting his beard trimmedLumberjacks, baristas, pro athletes, rock stars – it seems everybody is rocking the facial hair. It can be hard to tell the contenders from pretenders, but if there is one product that separates the guys that take their beard care seriously, it’s beard oil.

Responsible for easing beard itch, tackling beard dandruff (or beardruff) and boosting the texture and appearance of beards, if beard oil isn’t an essential component of your men’s grooming ritual yet…it really should be.


Though there is some variance, a typical beard oil is made from a blend of essential oils and a base of carrier oils. Carrier oils, or base oils, are 100% natural, and typically extracted from nuts, seeds and plants. Some examples of these include avocado oil, chia oil and jojoba oil. These oils moisturize and nourish the hair and skin, making it no surprise that they are also often found in natural, organic shampoos, soaps and so on. Why use chemicals if you don’t have to? Essential oils add unique smells to the beard oil, and can also help clear pores and improve skin. 


privateer scent beard oilFacial hair is different from the hair on your head and requires different care. Beard hair has a number of great skin care benefits, like protecting the skin from the suns harmful UV rays. One thing beard hair can’t do is moisturize – facial hair actually draws moisture away from the skin. This can result in dry, itchy skin under the beard.

Beard oil remedies that, and then some.

At the root of beard follicles, there are sebaceous glands that produce sebum oil, which is responsible for keeping your beard follicles nourished.

Sounds good, right?

Well it is…until the oil runs dry.

Regardless of the length of our facial hair, the sebaceous glands produce the same amount of sebum oil. When the production is insufficient for the length of beard, the follicles don’t get enough nutrients and the hair and skin suffer. This is where the beard oils come in. The soothing, quick absorbing oils have a number of great properties, but their number one role is supplementing the bodies natural sebum oil levels in order to keep the beard nourished and provide skin care for men. On top of that, beard oil also helps with style, as it can tame unruly, out of control beards to keep men looking fresh and presentable.

Best of all, beard oils are available in 100% natural, chemical free option. If you haven’t tried this men’s grooming essential for yourself yet, what are you waiting for?

Want to make shaving a ritual, not a chore with an all-natural beard oil? We have a number of great options in stock, including the bold and adventurous Renegade Beard Oil.


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