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Texas Mesquite Razor Set
Texas Mesquite Razor Set
Texas Mesquite Razor Set
Texas Mesquite Razor Set
Texas Mesquite Razor Set
Texas Mesquite Razor Set

Texas Mesquite Razor Set

Mesquite wood is a Texas favorite for smoking meats, but it also makes a great handle for your razor. This set includes a Gillette™ compatible razor or safety razor, and a matching stand. Comes packaged in a gift box for easy gifting.


Choose either the Gillette™ Mach3™, Gillette™ Fusion™ or Safety razor

Gillette™ Mach3™

The Gillette™ Mach3™ razor blade is one of the most popular disposable blade cartridges in the United States. Isn’t it time to upgrade your blade with a suitable razor to match?

Disposable Blade Type: Gillette™ Mach3™, Gillette™ Mach3™ Turbo

Gillette™ Fusion™

The Gillette™ Fusion™ razor blade is the big brother to the ever-popular Gillette™ Mach3™. With its 5-blade design and single trimming blade on the back, it is destined to keep you looking your best. 

Disposable Blade Type: Gillette™ Fusion™, Gillette™ Fusion™ Proshield

Our MC Shave Gear razors are compatible with the Gillette™ Fusion™. Crafted by hand in Texas, this razor not only looks great but fits nicely in the hand.

The Gillette™ refill blades can be easily found at your local retailer or online at ondemand.gillette.com. 

Don't know which Gillette razor to choose? Learn more about the differences in our blog post EVERYTHING YOU DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT GILLETTE™ MACH3™ VS. GILLETTE™ FUSION™ RAZOR BLADES

Traditional Safety Razor

The traditional safety razor predates the disposable razor by generations. Using a single, double edged blade, the safety razor can provide a smooth clean shave at a fraction of the cost. With practice, not only can you get a closer shave, but you can also save money.


Because each piece is hand turned in our shop in Texas, there will be minor differences between the images shown and what you will receive.

If the item is not on hand, it will be crafted to order. This may result in up to a two week delay to ship the item. During holiday seasons it may be longer.