How To Prevent Razor Burn

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Razor burn happen to the best of us. It usually occurs on the most sensitive areas of the body when shaving. For guys, it is usually on the neck just under the chin. For women, the most sensitive areas are covered by the bikini bottoms. 

What Causes Razor Burn

Dragging a razor across your skin, particularly if the skin is poorly lubricated and protected, can cause trauma. You can actually be scraping layers of skin from your body and that, in turn, is identified as razor burn. That is why razor burn resembles the scabs and knee scrapes that we all used to get on the playground as kids.

razor burn on neck

Razor burn is identified by raw, tender skin in areas that you have shaved and is usually caused by shaving without a lubricant, such as a shave cream or soap. It can also be cause by improper shaving such as not using the correct angle on your safety razor, using a dull blade, or shaving against the direction the hair grows.

While razor burn is most often temporary, it can become infected resulting in blisters, inflamed skin, and general itching and burning. Even when symptoms are temporary, it is irritating, itchy and painful. For guys, it may cause insecurities when going out in public. For women, it may be more painful because razor burn occurs in places that clothes rub up against.

How to Prevent Razor Burn

The number one way to prevent razor burn is to ensure that the area you are shaving has proper lubrication by using a high-quality shave soap or cream. For many, this may not be enough to prevent razor burn. They may need to incorporate a pre-shave step to their shaving routine.

After shaving, it is also important to use an aftershave to close those pores that have been traumatized by your razor and reduce the chances of infection by killing any remaining bacteria.

Pre-Shave Step

The pre-shave step includes things to do before you lather up for your shave. These steps may include a hot towel treatment or shower to soften up the hairs, ensuring your razor is clean and sharp, and applying a pre-shave oil prior to lather.

A pre-shave oil is simply that - it is an oil (or combination of oils) that you apply prior to your lather to provide additional protection to sensitive skin. A good pre-shave oil is one that will provide protection without clogging the pores. Highly absorbing oils are recommended as thicker oils, such as coconut oil, are too thick and may cause more problems than they solve.

all natural preshave oil to prevent razor burn and bumps


How to Prevent Razor Burn Part 2

Razor burn is best treated by taking steps to prevent it in the first place. A good aftershave should always be used after shaving to close those pores and eliminate any remaining bacteria. Of course, we recommend our own products for this task.

all natural aftershave with aloe and witch hazel to prevent razor burn and bumps

Our aftershaves contain no alcohol so you won't get that sudden sting like Kevin on "Home Alone". Instead, we use aloe vera to sooth the skin and witch hazel as the astringent to eliminate bacteria and reduce the trauma caused by shaving.

The Bottom Line

If you are susceptible to razor burn, you should take steps to prevent it. Using high-quality pre-shave oils and aftershaves will dramatically reduce the trauma that shaving inflicts on your skin.

If these steps do not help, remember to seek medical advice and professional treatment.

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