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No, we didn't move to Australia, but this is a topic that most people (men and women both) don't talk about. I'll just say it - many people shave what they call their bikini area, crotch, pubic region, groin, or even the "rec room". Now that it has been said, I'll stick to the term "bikini region". I'm sure even you guys reading this can figure out what that means.

When I am at a show I would love to be able to explain how our product can help protect the skin when shaving the bikini region, but most women are not comfortable talking with a middle aged guy about this topic. And, it is none of my business whether they shave down there or not. I totally understand.

I have also had the opposite happen. Sometimes women will explain to me in excruciating detail about how they shave down there. I really don't want to know these details and I become uncomfortable. Now that I think about it, however, I have never had a guy ask me about shaving in this area.

Whether you are a man or a woman is irrelevant. If you shave down there, this is information you need.

The skin in the "bikini region" is sensitive. This area isn't exposed to the environment as much as your face or legs or other areas that you may, or may not, shave. The "bikini region" has been protected and covered since you were in diapers and thus, hasn't grown a "thicker skin". Because of this, it is far more sensitive and easier to inflict trauma when shaving. You must take extra precautions in this area because, while razor burn sucks, it totally sucks down under.

Regardless of what razor you use, whether it is a single blade or a 10-blade razor, the skin there needs protection before you shave. Shave cream or shave gel is not enough to protect the skin in the most sensitive of areas when you shave. What you need is a pre-shave oil

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Pre-shave oils are a mixture of oils that are specifically formulated not only to protect the skin, but are great for hydrating the skin and keeping it healthy. 

Why Use Oils?

Oil has been in use for centuries to protect mechanical parts from rubbing together and causing damage. Used in an engine, for example, oil actually keeps metal parts from touching each other even when moving at high speeds and high temperatures. Machines break quickly if they are not properly oiled and lubricated. 

Even though the process of shaving only involves dragging a sharp metal blade gently and slowly over your skin, the same protection is still needed. Instead of the metal blade making contact with the skin, it can ride gently on a layer of oil. This protects the skin from the trauma inflicted by the metal blade.

The Pre-Shave Process

The process of using a pre-shave oil is simple and is identical if you were using it on your face, your legs, your armpits or even the "bikini region". Simply use a quarter-size to half-dollar amount to coat the area being shaved before you apply your shave cream or gel. Then, apply your shave cream or gel. It's that easy. Once done shaving, rinse the area clean.

After you have shaved and dried the area, apply a good aftershave. Yes, women, this means you too. Aftershave doesn't care what gender you are and color of the bottle it comes in doesn't matter either. I recommend a good aftershave that does not contain alcohol because alcohol, combined with open pores after shaving will make you scream! 

The purpose of aftershave isn't just to smell good, but it helps to close those pores, disinfect, and prevent bacteria from getting into the skin. Bacteria in open pores becomes infected and is what causes razor burn. Preventing razor burn due to bacteria is critical with super-sensitive areas.

The products we recommend are our all-natural pre-shave oil, and our alcohol-free aftershave. Used together, these can help you eliminate irritation due to shaving down under.

The secret is out. Women shave too and guys, just like women, shave in areas besides the face. Taking proper precautions using a simple extra step in your shaving process will help to keep that skin healthy and prevent irritation.

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